Learn boxing basics

Before you can learn how to become tomorrow’s Mohammed Ali, you need to learn boxing basics.  Behind every successful punch, there is a consistent training. Learn these boxing punches by to develop proper technique, also improving speed, precision, balance, and power.


First, we will look at the attacking techniques in boxing. Different kind of punches and how to throw them.


The jab is a light, fast punch employed to keep an opponent at a distance and load heavier punches. When you are learning the jab, try to keep your bicep loaded throughout the round, this makes it ready to block out a jab at any time. A stream of well-placed jabs can put keep an opponent on the defense, allowing the fighter to get closer. It’s most effective when it catches an opponent off guard


This is different from a jab; this punching is delivered by the strong hand through a slightly upward movement across the body. The shoulder to add enough power to the cross. Stay grounded when delivering a cross by rotating on your back foot as if. This will help you keep balance and power your punch more.


The hook is delivered on any unprotected part of the body left unprotected. It is often used in combination with other punches. A powerful hook starts at the hip. To perfect the hook, start by working on a tight inside hook with a heavy punching bag.However, if you don’t master it perfectly, the sweeping delivery is its downside. It can make you susceptible to counterpunch.


This is an upward moving blow delivered by any of the arm which is highly effective when in close range. Majority boxers unleash their uppercut with an exaggerated raising motion. Just like the hook and cross, the uppercut needs to originate from the body and be grounded by the legs.

Mix things up

After you have grasped punching methods, you can then work on combinations. The first combination most boxers learn is the typical 1, 2 -a jab followed by a cross.


To be an excellent boxer, it is important to master the techniques of protecting yourself against opponents punch. Some of the ways to evade or protect yourself from punches are listed below;


The slip is performed by quickly rotating your hips and shoulders when rival throws a punch aimed at your head.


The parry is the most basic defensive technique in boxing. Parry is simply using your hands to slap your opponent’s punch down as they come.


The block is also a germane defensive technique in boxing. With the block, you absorb impact if your opponent’s punch rather than slipping or dodging it.

Bob and Weave

The bob is performed by bending the legs to dodge a high blow such as a hook to the head. The weave often follows the block. It is executed by bending the body to dodge your opponent’s extended glove.