How to Find the Best Boxing Training Videos for Beginners


Are you aspiring to become a boxer but finding a starting point is proving hard? Well, there are many options for you to choose from, such as joining a gym, or hiring a personal coach, or even watching boxing training videos. These videos are particularly helpful for those of us who want to learn how to box for beginners but do not have access to a kickboxing training gym.


Tailor-made Videos


When looking for boxing training videos, experts often recommend that you get to know the content of the work out video in terms of what type of kickboxing training it explains and what equipment is required to supplement the video. You might buy a workout DVD that is explains hot to box for beginners martial arts training, and you do not have the equipment used in the video. If you choose the muay Thai training, it is wise to have knowledge of the equipment used in the video, so that you benefit 100%.




Kickboxing training is progressive, meaning from the first video up to the, let’s say, 30th video, you should notice that the techniques get harder on each video. Choose a video series that is well planned out, just like what you would get from enrolling to a kick boxing gym. This will help you improve on each video you watch and also ensure that you are not doing the same thing over and over. You need to progress as a beginner to get to that expert level.




A good and effective boxing training video is short. Remember, you are learning how to box for beginners, boxing for an hour or two can be tedious and discouraging for a beginner. 20 minutes of muay Thai training, kickboxing training and martial arts training, will do the trick. Repeat the video if you feel you want to extend the workout.


Why Use Boxing Training Videos

Convenience – These videos are helpful since you can literally practice kickboxing training, martial arts training, muay Thai training and any other kickboxing skill. This can all be achieved at home, plus, not all gyms are able to offer such a wide variety of boxing techniques.


Gyms often specialize in specific kick boxing training techniques and finding help for a certain technique could be time-consuming, inconveniencing in terms of schedules and expensive.


Affordable – boxing training videos are a cheaper way of learning how to box for beginners.


In a nut shell, how to box for beginners is now easy with these boxing training videos, so go ahead and try one and tell us what you think.