Boxing Workouts at Home for the Beginners


Perhaps you do not like the idea of fighting, but there are some facts that can convince you to get inside the ring and practice some boxercise routine.  Doing simple boxercise workout in the comfort of your home for an hour can burn a total of 100 calories.  It can also give a perfect shape to your legs, core, shoulder, and arms.  Aside from that, it has the ability enhance your precision, focus, and accuracy which will help you to train your body and mind at the same time.  Here are some boxing workouts at home that are intended for the beginners.



How to Box for Beginners:  Understanding the Basic Boxing Workouts


Jumping Rope


Your jumping rope exercise should last for at least 30 seconds.  You need to pay attention to your feet and make sure that they will remain together.  Bend your elbows and remain as close as possible to the surface.  Remember that you are not doing the usual jumping rope when you are just a kid.  Start by exerting your 85% for the first 30 seconds or until such time that you feel like you want to throw out.  Gradually increase your time until you can jump rope continuously for five minutes.  It is a good boxercise workout wherein you can adjust the difficulty by performing criss-cross on your boxercise routine.


Shadow Boxing


Shadow boxing can be done with our without the heavy bag workout.  In case you do not want a punching bag workout, they you need to wear weighted gloves.  You may begin with smooth punches in the body of the punching bag for 6 times, then move to the head and hit it 6 times.  Do this punching bag cardio workout in the next 30 seconds.  In a more complex manner, you should incorporate more intricate patterns as you learn how to box for beginners.  Remember that you need to maintain your defense up and keep those feet moving.


Abdominal Crunches

Rest your body on the ground.  Keep your feet on the surface and your hand should be positioned at the back of your head.  Your shoulder should be slowly lifted off the surface and slowly lower it.  When you are doing boxing workouts at home, you can increase its difficulty by keeping your upper body in a leveled position and your knees will be raised as high as you can, lower it afterwards and repeat the process.


Combo Punches


Again, the combo punches can produce desirable result if you use it with punching bags.  The combo punches is consist of a right job followed  by a left cross, right upper cut then back to the defense mode.  You should count as fast as you can when you are doing this heavy bag workout.  Repeat it for at least 10 times, change your stance and do it again for 10 reps.


These are the basic boxing workouts at home which are great ways to start the day.  In some point of your routine, you should think about seeking the help of a professional trainer to enjoy the true pleasure of boxing.