How to Box a Punching Bag

Virtually anybody can punch a boxing bag around. However, knowing how to Box a punching bag right is an exceptional skill. Appropriate use of a punching bag can build your endurance, strength, technique and power. Wrong punching is nothing but a total waste of time and could even be injurious to you. You could skin your knuckles, break your hand or strain your wrist.

You don’t just throw punches at the bag, learn how to box a punching bag the proper way. Here are 6 tips on how to box a punching bag effectively to develop your boxing skills and punching power.


1. Put Your Gloves on

You can put on the normal thin bag gloves, regular boxing gloves or heavy gloves. If you are just boxing for fitness, the thin bag gloves is appropriate, but for training as a professional boxer, then using the regular gloves is best. You will be punching the bag at the same speed you would be fighting your opponent.

2. Keep your Balance

Keep a proper stance, stand on your feet by digging the hallux (the big toe) of the foot on the same side of your body while the arm start to punch.

Don’t use the bag to balance neither should your push it with your shoulders. Punch the bag and not let it swing around or push it around with your head.


3. Punch

Don’t make the mistake of pushing instead of punching. The perfect punch is delivered by driving your torso instead of reaching out with your fist. Strike the bag with a large knuckles of your middle fingers and index. Avoid hitting with smaller knuckles to prevent breaking your hand.

4. Breath More

Worry less about trying to hit with too much power, but focus more on your breath. Work on your breathing and stay relaxed to you don’t get tired easily. Explosive breathing allows you to remain relaxed and drive many punches without getting tired. With great breath management, you will deliver maximum power with ease.

5. Throw the perfect punch

Performing a circle of 3 to 6 solid punches is just perfect. It is enough to keep you going, yet short enough to punch back at the bag. Combine all your trained punches when punching the bag. If the bag swings on your punch, then you have to review your punch. The bag should pop rather than just swing. Also if after punching your shoulder, elbow or wrist doesn’t hurt, then you have punched perfectly. Otherwise, your punching is wrong, adjust the angle of your punches until it is right.


Reach your breaking limit

When you get tired, don’t just stand, keep the rhythm, no matter how slow you might become. While resting, move around and throw light punches at the bag.